Genoa Fast Corridor: the fastest way to Central Europe

Genoa Fast Corridor Connects the Ligurian Ports of Genoa and Voltri to the dry port of Rivalta by means of intermodal transport: an integrated, innovative solution for the utmost efficiency and effectiveness throughout the supply chain, from Northern Italy to Central Europe. download leaflet

GFC Keywords:


operating schemes and a management system architecture, concerning every aspect of the operations from the Port Terminal up to the Dry Port.


for managing and overseeing the whole maritime transport chain in all its functionalities, feeding the internal channels as well as the external connections.


of the operating processes, to a new seamless CTS mobility and a technological evolution of the railway network.

Re-engineering of the operating process of the logistic chain.

New seamless mobility, electronic seals.

Digitalization of customs security and of the entire documental process through ICT solutions: e-customs, e-seals, e-freight.

Improvement of the Customs operations.

The GFC Platform constitutes the technological backbone of the corridor, guaranteeing a completely digitalized process for law and customs compliance procedures, tracking and tracing of goods and formal documents download.

Present Opportunity: speeded up and improved Europe to Asia and Africa connections.

The GFC Corridor sees its extension in the international context, concerning the connections Europe – Asia and Africa through the Ligurian Port System. In this way, Genoa and the Ligurian region might achieve a central role for import\export activities concerning goods transiting from\towards Central Europe to the South-East Asian and African markets. The GFC innovations may be applied to the full international logistic chain involving Asian and African ports, shipping companies, shipping agencies, local Custom Administrations, maritime and logistic communities.


The GFC corridor is part of the TIGER Project, a partnership involving Public (Regione Liguria and Autorità Portuale di Genova) and Private Partners in the common strategic vision of ensuring a FAST, SECURE AND INNOVATIVE transport system applying the concept of “extended port” in Europe.

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